Edgar and I have tradition which we’ve done for the past couple of years. We a “photoshoot” of ourselves outside with the bluebonnets while they’re in bloom here in North Texas during the early spring.  There’s no bluebonnets in our hometown in deep south Texas so they’re still a treat for us.

This “photoshoot” qualifies for quotation marks because it’s so impromptu and low tech. We literally drive around the highways till we see a patch of wildflowers we like with sufficient shoulder on the highway for us to ditch the car for a while to take the pictures. The last two years were also taken with nothing fancier than the camera function in our cell phones.

This year I was particularly hung up on not missing it. Since those flowers slip away without any warning after a month. This year we have our baby boy to shoot pictures of. I couldn’t miss his bluebonnet pictures, especially because he caught them last year in my belly! So here’s the top runners of our baby.




2 thoughts on “Bluebonnets

    • Hi Celeste!
      Yes I literally just heard about that festival a few days after taking these pictures with the baby. I told Edgar (my hub-ster) it already though; so we plan to head that way next year. I love the bluebonnets! And I always like going to festivals up here in N. Texas: it’s fun times.

      Thanks for the tip!! 🙂

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