Flea Update and Baby

Our luck ran dry. Edgar and I were still clean of any flea bites. But we saw bumps around Gael’s ankles and figured our poor baby wasn’t so lucky. The dog was already treated but he was still scratching. I figured we must have new infestations either coming in from the yard or some had laid eggs in our bedding couch or carpet. I thoroughly vacuumed, so much so that I blew out the circuit breaker in my old house a few times during it. Also I washed bundles and bundles of laundry on Sunday, while Edgar fumigated our back yard. Later he sprayed bug repellant to the house.

FYI about the bug spray: we’re pretty nature friendly – more Edgar than me. So when he bought the bug spray he struggled to find the least aggressive external bug spray as we don’t want to hurt any “good” bugs – bees and the like. He finally found one that was targeted to a few limited species of insects that included fleas and ticks.

Later on Sunday we noticed there were  more bumps on the baby’s skin and it was starting to look more like a rash. He was also extremely fussy – more so than ever. He was throwing up a lot more than was normal and his appetite was way down. He also had this front top teeth trying to cut through. So I figured everything was ganging up on him and making him uncomfortable. So obviously the only thing left for him to do was take it out on his parents and their sleep cycles.

However the daycare called on Monday afternoon and set forth a more logical – i.e. less convoluted – solution. Foot, mouth and hand disease. His doctor confirmed it the next day. But by that point he’d had it since Friday and he was winding down. Overall, he’s back to his lower maintenance self and we’re very happy about that. (Less happy about all the heaps and heaps of clean laundry that still need folding – that ended up being unnecessary to the problem at hand.)


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