Our House

Edgar and I wanted a slight fixer-upper that would give us the opportunity to personalize while maximizing “bang-per-buck” quota. We (read: I) wanted something that was leaning more towards dated rather than neglected. I was keen to get my hands on to giving the house the equivalent of a “What Not to Wear”-style makeover rather than a combination breast-enhancement/tummy tuck makeover.

Enter stage left a 1970s, single-story, 3-bedroom/2-bath ranch home with a very low owner turnover rate. This house had seniors looking to downsize but that had invested much of their 20-year residency into taking care of it, a la-DYI. This gave me some confidence that we were not walking into a house full of maintenance negligence. Read: score! However, some things may not be up to current code – but, eh… I was also excited at the much dated decor, and overly patterned wallpaper. This gave me hope that other potential buyers would stop and dwell it over long enough for me to swipe it up. (I already had a bidding war I’d lost over another house – not fun.) Read: score, again!!

So just 16 days after this house was listed, we had it officially ‘Under Contract’. This homie don’t play, y’all. Boom.

Front exterior of house


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