Mirror, Mirror

I’m trying to post every weekday, but since the day of my car ordeal life’s been getting in the way. Thursday night we went out to celebrate – Edgar was selected as the content lead for his ISD so we went out for dinner. Friday we packed to fly down to see our families for his mom’s birthday and for Mother’s Day.  And yesterday, I was busy wrestling my puppy for his quarterly at-home grooming session. I’ll post about that later…

My sister, Laura, bought a house just about 2 weeks before we closed on ours. I was super excited for her (and her husband). So when I saw this at Home Goods (for a very reasonable price), I thought it was perfect for her taste.


That’s what I thought until Laura kept showing me pictures of room decor that she liked. I figured I went with the wrong color/finish – too luxe, and not enough feminine. But I had already bought it.

Luckily, I had just gotten into home decor blogs – thanks to my excitement for getting my mitts on my own house to personalize. So I had just become a subscriber to “spray paint can fix nearly anything” and this became my first project. I figured a pearl-like finish and color would be just right. So some purchases later I present you with the below.

Mirror -after

I was very proud. All it took was some sand paper, spray primer, glossy off-white spray paint, and Martha Stewart’s metallic glaze in mercury. Plus some scrap news paper and Frog Tape painter’s tape for preventative prep work. Oh, and plenty of patience! I now know that sand paper and primer was very likely overkill – especially now that my dumb-butt read the spray paint can and see that it was primer and paint in one!! Ehh… Well at least I know my sister’s mirror’s paint job is never, ever, chipping off.

Still, it’s very pretty. And I’m very proud every time I see it, especially as my first home decor project. I even told Laura when she opened her house-warming gift that if she wasn’t 100% into it, I’d be more than happy to keep it.  But nope – all hers. That picture is actually in its home spot in her living room. It fits in very nicely with her new white, leather couches and silver coffee/end tables.

PS – IRONY NOTE: The originally shiny-black finish was perfect for the bedroom set she had already picked out and bought. I just didn’t know she had. It’s all lacquered black finish with mirrored details. So. Yeah… Turns out my gut instincts on her tastes were spot-on (at least for the bedroom).

FYI: Those with particularly good eyes will notice that the before and after pictures are different. I actually never took a before picture so this was the closest I found to her mirror before I attacked it with paint.