Downer, Bummer, Freaking Hummer

Or more accurately ‘Hyundai’ – in my case, a very basic issue gray 2008 hyundai elantra. That would be my car. Normally my car is a champ – a total trooper, a complete team player if  you prefer that phrase. So much so that I’ve nicknamed her Elly.

However she decided yesterday that she’d had the last straw with my harrassment. I didn’t realize that’s what she was doing. I thought she was just taking a very inconveniently timed nap. But no, Elly was saying “F- this, I got my own problems, B.” At least that’s what the NTB shop translated for me.

Let’s back petal 24 hours, shall we? On my way home from picking up the baby from daycare, I was less than 2 minutes away from my driveway. I was just picking up a little speed from the four way stop. Admittedly I was driving too close to the curb, when the step down from a storm drain pulled my car down into the curve and curb.

Normally, no problem. My poor Elly has seen more than her fair share of curbs. Seriously that poor sedan must think there’s not a curb I don’t like. She always withstand them. This is poor Elly before last week’s at home cosmetic facelift.


And I had just bought new front tires two weeks back, so this was not what I expected. I heard a loud burst, swerved a moment and the felt my car barely rattling along. The baby was napping when this happened and then started crying pretty violently from the shake up and noise. Poor thing! I thought I’d lost the bumper. What did happen was a pretty massive tire blowout that dented the rim.

So after work I took it to the shop. They recommended an alignment check. So I had an hour to kill. Seriously the only good part of all of this was that hour. The steakhouse next to the NTB has $3 margaritas on the rocks. Luckily, I had three of those bad boys before I walked back to the shop for the results.

So while I thought it was just a simple tire replacement, I got the news that Elly needs new struts. The quotes on parts and labor for that was over $600!! Separate from the $78 I spent on replacing that tire! On the plus side, I saved money from a rim repair by giving them the OK to take a sledgehammer to that bad boy and force it back in place. I was so bummed the whole way home with my quote in hand that even Macklemore on the radio couldn’t cheer me up.

Luckily, when I came home my boys were totally able to cheer me up. The baby is so silly at this age, babbling up a storm. So the car’s a problem to solve another day.